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The airline industry has an enviable record of continuously improving flight safety by industry-wide sharing of accident and potential accident information. However, the same is not the case in the Data Center industry where it is common practice to cover up failures or potential disasters in a misguided attempt to protect reputations.  Root cause investigation findings are normally secret and bound by NDA which has resulted in The Data Center industry being at a disadvantage in learning from failures.

Data Centres now support every aspect of the digital economy and, as we become more reliant on them, it’s only a matter of time before a Data Center failure will be associated with human fatalities.

We need to act now - there’s no reason why this archaic secrecy should prevail.

Working with globally recognised industry leaders -  DCIRN is a forum for the exchange of information between Data Center operators around the world to encourage the confidential sharing of information about Data Center failures so lessons can be learnt and failure rates reduced as has been the case within other critical industries such as Airline and Nuclear.

DCIRN – Data Center Incident Reporting - put simply - an independent confidential reporting programme of data center failures and significant incidents globally. DCIRN will improve the reliability of data centers by collating and analysing information to be available / shared within the industry.