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DCIRN is a not for profit organisation.

Data Center Incident Reporting Network

Barriers to sharing information...

• Data center failures are generally non-fatal, unlike other industries such as aviation

• This will probably eventually change as human dependency on IT increases 

• Currently the data center industry is unregulated

• Root cause investigation findings are normally secret and bound by NDA

• The data center industry is excessively backward in learning from failures 

• Concerns about repetitional loss

• Rather sort out the problem themselves and move on.

Who are DCIRN?

The structure of DCIRN is to ensure confidentiality of the individuals reporting incidents and ensuring that it is impossible to associate incidents with people, organisations or Data Centers.

Encrypted reports will be received by the secretariat who with dis-identify and pass to the Advisory Board for processing before the information is released (in the form of a quarterly bulletin).

The original report will be deleted. There will be no record of who has reported incidents (the ultimate protection from hackers)

DCIRN is a Global Initiative to share information about Data Center incidents so we can improve reliability. Incidents can be reported, securely and in confidence, to DCIRN who will ensure any information pertaining to the actual Data Center is removed, before sharing, at no cost.

DCIRN is adopting the model successfully used in the aviation industry "CHIRP".

DCIRN is set up as a Limited Company and will transfer to a Charitable Trust with the Directors becoming Trustees.