Why DCiRN is important to me

by Robert Thorogood - CTO @ Hurley Palmer Flatt

"Timely feedback and insights into Data Centre incidents from the real world is vital"

DCiRN is all about the Data Centre industry growing up. The industry is only 30 years old, 40 at the most , and we need to follow the examples set by other, more mature industries such as aviation and oil & gas – where safety and reliability are also critical – and incidents are documented and shared with everybody.

DCiRN offers a path for the industry to mature and understand when problems occur and how to avoid them in the future. DCiRN is very important to the future of the Digital Infrastructure Industry to ensure we are credible and properly structured.


If DCiRN isn't adopted then incidents will keep being brushed under the carpet and, inevitably, the problems will be repeated elsewhere – and the incidents will get more serious as more aspects of human activity rely on digital infrastructure – and could also be hidden – which is dangerous and not the practice you’d expect to see in a mature industry – particularly one as critical as digital infrastructure.

In the future DCiRN reports will be increasingly useful; As part of our design work we can reference relevant DCiRN reports and describe how our design would mitigate the issue or explain why the design would never have the issue.

Of course, there are various standards in place – but it can take up to 10 years for an incident to be reflected in an industry standard. DCiRN incident reports can be documented and anonymously shared with everyone in less than 1 year. Timely feedback and insights into Data Centre incidents from the real world is vital.

We’ve found it’s also beneficial to share DCiRN incidents when we take on young engineers so they can review and understand the problems that can occur".

Robert Thorogood is the Chief Technical Officer at Hurley Palmer Flatt and member of the DCiRN Executive