Data Center Technician

DCIRN Reporting &

Production Process

Two stage encrypted

1. Incident report sent to secretariat

2. Secretariat authenticates


3. Secretariat reviews report for 
anomalies and disidentifies

How it works?

In order for you to submit an incident report you simply need to download the submission form by clicking the 'Download Incident form'


Please use the form to submit an incident to the DCIRN secretariat.  Please protect your submission using Encrypt with Password and email the completed document in Word to  Please use a four-digit password and text the password to the number given on the form. 


You will receive an acknowledgement in 5 working days

4. Dis-identified report passed to Advisory 
Council subject matter experts

5. Advisory Council analyse report
and determine if suitable

6. Advisory Council prepares

Draft Incident Bulletin

Technical Analysis

Final review

7. Secretariat reviews Draft Bulletin

for anamolies

8. Secretariat publishes Bulletin

to DCIRN members